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We’ve brought together over 20 of the world’s most influential tactical operators and competitive shooters to teach you their methods to train, drill and practice.

They’ll explain in detail the methods the use every day to teach thousands of students worldwide.

This online event will help you develop 3 areas for your shooting program:

Step 1
Set up your gear

You’ll learn how to find the best gun to use for your body type, not the latest "hotness" but a gun that "works" for you.

Step 2
Come up with a training program

Learn how to successfully come up a training plan that works FOR YOU! A program that you can easily add to your busy life and get results!

Step 3
Practice, Practice..Practice

Dry fire, live fire and other various methods are discussed in detail.  Our speakers have fine tuned their practice sessions and now they give it to you.

Who’s Presenting & What Is Each Session About?

I hand-picked speakers who are at the top of their game. They’re the top tactical and competitive shooters in the world and, most importantly, they’re teaching from experience, not from theory.

Despite their busy schedules, each of these speakers jumped on board for this event and promised to teach their best stuff. All I can say is, you’re in for a treat! 

Each instructor was asked the same series of questions and their responses reflected their perspectives based on different qualities.  For instance: age, background, were they in the military or law enforcement, and natural ability.  The one commonality is their love of shooting. After that each instructor put their spin on what makes a shooter better.

For this Summit, I wanted to break the myths on trigger pulls and other claims that people throw around the training circle.  I wanted to hear from each of these awesome instructors what they see as the biggest problems students face each day.

Below is a list of the speakers:

Bruce Gray

GrayGuns Inc.

Keith Garcia

Cobalt Kinetics

Kyle Lamb

Viking Tactics

Steve Anderson


Ben Stoeger

Ben Stoeger Pro Shop

Manny Bragg


Frank Proctor

Way of the Gun

Taran Butler

Taran Tactical Innovations

Craig Douglas


Mike Pannone


John Johnston

Citizens Defense Research/Ballistic Radio

Melody Lauer

Citizens Defense Research/melodylauer.com

Mike Hughes

Next Level Training

Mike Seeklander

American Warrior Society

Shannon Smith

Shannon Smith Shooting

Adam Painchaud

Sig Sauer Academy

Jeff Gonzales

Trident Concepts

Bennie Cooley

CRTC, Inc.

Ernest Langdon

Langdon Tactical

Ron Avery

Tactical Performance Center

Bob Vogel

Vogel Dynamics

Wayne Dobbs

Hardwire Tactical Shooting

Yong Lee

Team Gray Guns

Dave Spaulding

Handgun Combatives

Schedule of Sessions

Day 1 - Monday, December 12, 2016

Kyle Lamb, Viking Tactics

Keep Raising the Standards

Kyle Lamb - Is a veteran of the US Army for over 21 years. 15 of those years were spent in Special Operations including 1st SFOD-Delta. He career spanned several conflicts including Somalia (Black Hawk Down), Desert Storm, Iraq, and Bosnia. He's been a trainer in the military and then moved to train law enforcement and civilians. He is also on staff as an instructor at the prestigious Sig Sauer Academy.

Ben Stoeger, Ben Stoeger Pro Shop

Understanding Practice

Ben Stoeger - Is a competitive shooter and 5 time National Champion in USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association). He's been shooting competitively since 2005 and also is a firearms instructor. He primarily teaches fundamental and advanced shooting techniques for competitive shooting and is booked a year in advance.

Mike Seeklander, American Warrior Society

Accelerated Pulls and Controlled Pulls

Mike was a police officer in Tennessee for several years before becoming the lead instructor for the Federal Air Marshals at their Training Facility in NJ. Prior to that, Mike was a US Marine and served in Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Once he retired from law enforcement, he became the head of the US Shooting Academy in Tulsa Oklahoma.

Day 2 - Tuesday, December 13, 2016

John Johnston, Citizens Defense Research/Ballistic Radio

Melody Lauer, Citizens Defense Research/Melodylauer.com

Preparing the Armed Parent

John Johnston - is the host of Ballistic Radio and owner of Citizens Defense Research. John is a RangeMaster certified Advanced Handgun Instructor, VCQB Instructor, CQB instructor, and has logged over 1,100 hours of private instruction with many of the top instructors in the industry. In addition to hosting Ballistic Radio, John helps test and develop firearms related products.

Melody Lauer - Owns Central Iowa Defensive Training where she teaches firearms to private citizens. She currently is the Director of Training at the Citizens Defense Research and is also an NRA certified instructor.  Melody has taken numerous firearms courses including at Tom Givens Rangemaster courses.

Craig Douglas, Shivworks

Context in Firearms Training

Craig Douglas - Was a full time law enforcement officer and SWAT Team commander for over 20 years. During that time he participated in over 300 undercover operations and has developed a skill set which covers close quarter combat and shooting tactics. His company Shivworks trains law enforcement and every day carry civilians in managing unknown contacts, dealing with multiple assailants and how to fight within a vehicle.

Steve Anderson, Andersonshooting.com

Using the Subconscious for Performance

Steve Anderson - Is also widely known as "the dry-fire" guy. Steve is a Grandmaster shooter in USPSA and earned that classification in less than one year. He was able to break down the aspects of shooting and combined his musician skills to become a high level shooter. Steve studied and learned how the subconscious works and how it applies to all aspects of shooting performance.

Day 3 - Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Keith Garcia, Cobalt Kinetics

Putting the Time In

Keith Garcia - is a police officer, SWAT team leader and competitive shooter for over 20 years. Most people know Keith from his numerous wins on "3 Gun Nation" TV show which he primarily competes with shotgun, handgun and rifle. Keith is a sponsored shooter and travels all over the United States competing and teaching firearms classes.

Bennie Cooley, CRTC, Inc.

Controlling Your Emotions

Bennie Cooley - Has over 25 years of federal law enforcement experience primarily on a SWAT team as well as a firearms instructor. Bennie has taught state, local and federal law enforcement as well as specialized units within the United States Military.

Taran Butler, Taran Tactical Innovations

Consistency in Shooting

Is a highly successful competitor with a career that spans over 20 years. He started competing in a bowling pin match with a Glock 24 and made Grandmaster in 14 months. Since then he hasn't stopped winning matches in USPSA, IDPA, and more recently 3 Gun.

Day 4 - Thursday, December 15, 2016

Frank Proctor, Way of the Gun

Seeing and Processing

Frank Proctor - is a Grand Master shooter in USPSA (United State Practical Shooting Association) and a Master Class shooter in IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association). He served over 18 years in the US Army and 11 of them were in the Special Forces. Frank was deployed to both Afghanistan and Iraq and also taught DOD personnel in Combat Marksmanship, Close Quarter Battle, Breaching and Sniper/Observer Operations. In addition he became an instructor for the Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat Course.

Shannon Smith, Shannon Smith Shooting

It's the Little Things That Count

Shannon Smith - Is a veteran of the US Army where he also spent 6 years in special operations in the 2nd Ranger Battalion. He was honored to be a team leader and sent to numerous schools in firearms, leadership and small unit tactics. He also discovered competitive shooting while stationed in the state

Adam Painchaud, Sig Academy

Objective Based Training

Adam Painchaud - Served in the US Air Force and a Special Agent and senior non-commissioned officer for a total of 22 years of both active and reserve duty. Part of his duties included investigations, anti-terrorism missions and protective duties. He currently works as a law enforcement officer and SWAT team operator for a local agency as well as the Vice President of the SigSauer Academy.

Wayne Dobbs, Hardwire Tactical Shooting

Hard Shots for Trigger Control

Wayne Dobbs - Spent 25 years in law enforcement as a police officer who worked in narcotics, organized crime and SWAT. For 10 of those years he managed the departments firearms training program. He attended the FBI Firearms Instructor program and he sits on the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officers Standards and Education (TCLEOSE) where he helped develop training programs for law officers.

Day 5 - Friday, December 16, 2016

Mike Hughes, Next Level Training

Setting up Environment for Success

Mike Hughes - Was a collegiate athlete playing football and handball. From there he went on to be a patent attorney with an understanding of mechanical engineering. At some point Mike discovered action pistol (USPSA) and used his background in sports to work hard and make Grandmaster.

Yong Lee, Team Gray Guns

Are sights important for Shooting?

Yong Lee - has been in law enforcement for over 28 years and 11 of those years have been on the SWAT team. In addition, Yong has been a firearms instructor for the past 25 years. He is also the Firearms Training Coordinator, Chief Firearms Instructor and Use of Force instructor for his department.

Mike Pannone, CTT-Solutions

Power, Control and Vision

Mike Pannone - Mike has an extensive military history over several decades. He's been an operational member in US Marines Reconnaissance Division, US Special Forces and ultimately 1st SFOD-D (Delta). He's also been a firearms trainer in the military as well as a civilian contractor. He's trained the US Air Marshals in addition to other high risk dignitary protection units.

Day 6 - Saturday, December 17, 2016

Jeff Gonzales, Trident Concepts

Compounding Factors in Shooting

Jeff Gonzales - Is a former Navy SEAL who served all over the globe as an operator and part of the instructor cadre. After he retired from the Navy, he formed his own training company, Trident Concepts who trains law enforcement and civilians in all forms of shooting combat. Trident Concepts prides themselves with holding their students to high standards through out the training.

Manny Bragg, MannyBragg.com

Incorporating Airsoft into Training

Manny Bragg - Is a competitive shooter and Grandmaster in USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association) for the past 20 years. He has won over 300 matches and was on TEAM USA in the World Championship for 4 times.

Ron Avery, Tactical Performance Center

The Science in Shooting

Ron Avery - Served 25 years as a law enforcement officer where he held several instructor positions, including firearms. Ron has a scientific background and has used those concepts and applied them to his training programs which has set his style of teaching apart from other instructors. He teaches law enforcement, military and civilians primarily in Utah at the Tactical Performance Center.

Day 7 - Sunday, December 18, 2016

Bruce Gray, GrayGuns Inc.

The Art of Visual Patience

Bruce Gray - Is a world renowned gunsmith, competitive shooter and firearms instructor for over 40 years. With his little time left, he is also a part-time deputy sheriff in the State of Oregon. His company, GrayGuns Inc. is the custom shop for any Sig Sauer, HK or 1911 handgun. He holds numerous wins in state, regional, national AND world championships through out his career shooting in NRA Action Pistol, USPSA/IPSC, and IDPA disciplines.

Bob Vogel, Vogel Dynamics

Fixing Grip One Day at a Time

Robert Vogel - Is one of the most winning champions in practical shooting. He holds over 90+ wins at State, National and World Championships. He is the only law enforcement officer to win both World and National championships in IDPA and USPSA/IPSC.

Dave Spaulding, Handgun Combatives

A Matter of Focus and Attention

Dave Spaulding - Has over 36 years as a law enforcement officer and has served on his agency's SWAT Team (where he was one of its founding members).

Ernest Langdon, Langdon Tactical

Training People to Win Gunfights

Ernest Langdon - Served 12 years on active duty in the US Marine Corps. Throughout that career he was stationed in Panama as well as the Persian Gulf. Some of his duties included being the Chief Instructor for the 2nd Marine Division Scout Sniper School and at the High Risk Personnel Course. He also was the Platoon Sergeant for a Close Quarter Battle and Designated Marksman team and Sniper Platoon.

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Is this event a good fit for me?

If you find yourself in one of the following categories, this event is good fit for you:

The person who wants to get their first gun: You know you want a gun but have no idea what to do once you get one. Most people will leave it unloaded in the bedroom closet and forget they own one. Not you. You want to get the steps needed to become a better shooter. Someone who can protect themselves and their family.

The law enforcement officer/military personnel: You are tasked as the protectors (sheepdogs) of our society. You need to qualify every year, sometimes more and you always stress about it. Not any more. You will learn the techniques which will give you the confidence to pass every time AND also protect with assurance in your gun handling skills.

The Competitor: You either have started or have been competing for some time. You show up at matches but you just don’t have it to win or move up in your classification. You will learn the training techniques that can take you to the next level (or two) in what ever shooting discipline you shoot.

The tactical or EDC (every day carry) person: You might be SWAT or you might just be a citizen who believes that you need to know how to fight with a weapon. You take your training seriously and go to several hundred dollar classes per year. You read the blogs, the magazine articles and train at your range. At the Shooters Summit you’ll get advice from guys that have been there..done that.

Where is this event located?

Wherever you are! This event is 100% virtual. Because this is an online event, there is no physical venue and no travel expenses. You can watch anywhere with an internet connection.  The Shooters Summit is designed to give you actionable ideas you can use right away.

How do I watch the live sessions?

Once you claim your free ticket, you’ll receive several email reminders in your inbox every day of the event giving you access to all the pre-recorded sessions as they happen.  Simply login and follow the easy instructions you'll get.  These sessions will be able to be seen on any computer, tablet or mobile device.

I can’t attend all the live sessions. Will there be a recording?

Yes, the recording for each session will be available to watch for 48 hours following the session. Watch it anytime at your convenience during those 48 hours, or you can purchase the All Access Pass to get LIFETIME ACCESS to the interviews and bonus material.



Creator & Summit Host

Arik Levy

Arik is a full time law enforcement officer at a major metropolitan department in Florida. He's been an officer for over 14 years. For the last six years he served as the lead firearms instructor for the agency teaching hundreds of officers how to shoot handgun, rifle and shotgun.

He is also a competitive shooter and shot for Team Sig (SigSauer) 2014-2016 competing in action pistol (USPSA). He's won the Top Cop Pistol Championship two years in a row and has also been a three time gold medalist in the Florida Police and Fire Games.

Arik has trained with: Larry Vickers, Chris Costa, Travis Haley, Mike Pannone, Frank Proctor, Scott Reitz, Craig Douglas, Greg Hamilton, Ken Hackathorn, Pat McNamara, Ben Stoeger, Bruce Gray, Max Michel, Frank Garcia, Shannon Smith, Steve Anderson, and Jerry Barnhart. Arik is the founder and editor in chief of Firearms Nation....Join the Nation!​

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