Mental Management and Dry Fire

Steve Anderson,

Steve Anderson – Is also widely known as “the dry-fire” guy.  Steve is a Grandmaster shooter in USPSA and earned that classification in less than one year.  He was able to break down the aspects of shooting and combined his musician skills to become a high level shooter.  Steve studied and learned how the subconscious works and how it applies to all aspects of shooting performance.

He is the writer of three books on dry fire (links below):

Refinement and Repetition: Dry-fire Drills for Dramatic Improvement (2003)

Principles of Performance (2007)

Get to Work: The Practice of More Points Per Second (2014)

Each of the books come with drills and sheets to log a shooter’s performance.

With the success of the books, Steve also has a very popular podcast on shooting called “That Shooting Show”.

Steve trains people in group classes as well as private lessons.

That Shooting Show podcast

Targets USA

CR Speed

"Principles of Performance: Refinement and Repetition 2"

"Get to Work: The Practice of More Points Per Second"

"Refinement and Repetition: Dry-fire Drills for Dramatic Improvement"

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